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Lighthouse Assembly of God

Events in Butte

This Week

Sunday - Butte Campus

  Morning - Sunday School 10:00am

      Morning Worship - 11:00am

      Facebook - Lighthouse Assembly of God Butte NE - 11:30

  Evening - "Going Deeper" Bible Study - 6:00pm. Zoom will also be available  If you want to join us and still be at home.


Tuesday - Upper Room Ministries at Butte campus - 7:00-8:00pm


Wednesday -  

 Atkinson campus – Prayer time 6:00 - 7:00pm
 Join Pastor Tim Live at Lighthouse Assembly of God Butte NE            Facebook   6:00pm
 Bible Study for all ages on campus no meal 7:00pm


Thursday, 7th - Butte Campus Mid-week Bible Study 7:00pm
Join us as we go deeper in the Bible. Zoom will also be available  If you want to join us and still be at home.

For Zoom ID number please contact Pastor Tim or Linda Hazen.

Up Coming Events

June 14th – Father’s Day - 11:00am
We will be meeting together at church on Father’s Day! This time will be spent in worship and expressions of faith. We will NOT have a meal. Seating will be limited, however there is plenty of room to comply with the governors instructions. We are looking forward to seeing you face to face. We will also be on Facebook at 11:30am.


Updated June 15, 2020

Our government authorities have given permission to hold services again as long as we keep to the social distancing. So we will begin holding in house prayer time (Tuesday), Bible Studies (Wednessday in Atkinson and Thursday in Butte) and Sunday morning Service starting May 10th, Mother's Day. The Bible study times will also be available through Zoom. Contact Pastor Tim for more information to login. 


I want to encourage you to listen to the leaders that are trying to get this nation back on track. Please stay home if you are not feeling well! This will help you get well sooner and prevent anyone else from getting what you may have. 


We will continue the Facebook page for Sunday morning. 

We will be online streaming through Facebook every Sunday mornings at 11:30 CT. Please make a point to join us.


We continue to work at creative opportunities for our leaders to continue in the connection process.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, keep reading your Bible, pray and connect with one of the leaders. We are here to help wherever we can. Just let us know.


God is helping us learn new ways to spread the gospel. It may seem difficult but the rewards will also be unprecedented. 


Also, I am asking you to like our facebook page, Lighthouse Assembly of God and let others know about it so we can all stay connected. You can find a link on our home page.


Always remember that we always have a connection with God! Pray, read your Bible and devotions! Pray with your family not just for your family. Gather together as a family and seek the Lord. Share with others the encouragement you receive.


Pastor Tim

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